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China attaches great importance to Antarctic affairs. On 18 November 2014, during his state visit to Australia, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a special visit to the Chinese icebreaking research vessel of Xue Long, literally Snow Dragon, berthed at the port of Hobart. Expressing best wishes to Chinese and Australian scientists, Xi Jinping pointed out that "the Antarctic scientific expedition is of great significance and is a noble cause that benefits the human race. China's Antarctic expeditions have contributed to the peaceful use of Antarctica for the human race."


Chinese scientists have been very active in Antarctic scientific investigations and research. Since 1984, China has successfully operated 32 Antarctic scientific expeditions. Over 5,000 Chinese researchers have visited the Antarctic region. China has established four research stations, namely the Great Wall Station, Zhongshan Station, Kunlun Station and Taishan Station. Thanks to their three-decade intensive scientific research on the ground, Chinese Antarctic researchers have achieved significant results of great scientific value.


China has developed constructive cooperation with other countries on Antarctic affairs. China acceded to the Antarctic Treaty in 1983 and became a Consultative Party to the Antarctic Treaty in October 1985, thus having full access to the decision-making process in Antarctic affairs. Over the past 30 years, China has made significant contributions to Antarctic environmental protection and peaceful use of Antarctica for mankind, always bearing in mind the principles and objectives of the Antarctic Treaty and the common interests of the international community.