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Chinese President Xi Jinping Meets with Chinese and Australian Antarctic Scientific Researchers and Visits Chinese Research Vessel Xue Long



On 18 November, Chinese President Xi Jinping, during his trip to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, Australia, visited the Antarctic scientific research projects and met with Chinese and Australian scientific researchers in the company of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.


Hobart serves as the home port for Australian Antarctic scientific research operations. The sea breeze caresses cheeks and the surface of the sea ripples. Research vessel Xue Long, literally Snow Dragon, which was undertaking China's 31st Antarctic expedition, berthed at Hobart port for replenishment.


Xi Jinping and Tony Abbott visited the Australian Antarctic expedition exhibition at the port of Hobart, and talked via live video with Chinese and Australian scientists stationed in Antarctica. Heads of China's Zhongshan Station and Australia's Davis Station briefed the Chinese and Australian leaders on their Antarctic scientific research and related work.


Xi Jinping extended cordial greetings to the scientific researchers of the two countries. Xi Jinping pointed out that the Antarctic scientific expedition is of great significance and is a noble cause that benefits the human race. China's Antarctic expeditions have contributed to the peaceful use of Antarctica for the human race. Chinese and Australian scientific researchers have developed comprehensive and in-depth collaboration for three decades. The Chinese side stands ready to work continuously with Australia and the international community to better understand, protect and exploit Antarctica.


Abbott also sent his best regards to the scientific researchers of the two sides, adding that Antarctic expedition is of great significance to the human race and wishing scientific researchers of the two countries closer cooperation.


Xi Jinping and Abbott jointly witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on China-Australia Antarctic Cooperation.


Xi Jinping then boarded China's research ship of Snow Dragon and visited a photo exhibition marking the 30th anniversary of China's Antarctic expeditions. The photos on display gave a vivid description of China's Antarctic expeditions and their glorious achievements.


In the course of the past three decades, China has established the Great Wall Station, Zhongshan Station, Kunlun Station and Taishan Station in succession in Antarctica and successfully operated 30 Antarctic expeditions, achieving a wide range of significant results. One of the photos on display was a group photo taken in 1985 when Chinese leaders were meeting with a group of award-winning Antarctic scientists and staff of China's first Antarctic expedition. Among them were Wang Hailang and Wu Lin, who now served as the deputy director and the boatswain of the Snow Dragon. Xi Jinping had a cordial talk with them, wishing them greater success in their future endeavors.


Xi Jinping also visited the biological laboratory and asked about crew members' work and life at length, urging them to strive for further progress.


When Xi Jinping was leaving the Snow Dragon, crew members and scientific researchers gathered and lined on the deck to send him off. Xi Jinping waved goodbye to them, wishing them every success and a triumphant return.


Mme. Peng Liyuan, Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others attended the above events.


(Source:http://www.fmprc.gov.cn, Original text dated 18 Nov. 2014)