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China's 33rd Antarctic Expedition




China's 33rd Antarctic Expedition set out from Shanghai to Antarctica on 2 November 2016. The scientific research mission to Antarctica was approved by China's State Oceanic Administration (SOA). Chinese Antarctic scientists will travel to Antarctica on board the Chinese ice-breaking research vessel of Xue Long, literally Snow Dragon. The vessel will sail to Fremantle, Australia, the Zhongshan Station, the Great Wall Station, Punta Arenas, Chile, Ross Sea, the Zhongshan Station, Fremantle, Australia. The Chinese vessel is expected to return to Shanghai on 11 April 2017 with a total voyage of some 31,000 nautical miles in a period of 161 days. Xue Long is now at China's Zhongshan Station and will unload cargo and conduct scientific research.


(Photo courtesy of the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration. It was taken on 2 December 2016)