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Beijing is the most important transportation hub in China's mainland, be it by air, rail or road. The city has an extensive public transportation network of buses, trolleybuses and a rapidly expanding subway system. However, in such a metropolis with some six million registered cars on its roads almost every day, traffic congestion in the city's urban area may be unavoidable, especially during rush hours (around 8:00 am and 6:00 pm).


Most foreign visitors come to Beijing by air and arrive at the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA).


Transportation from BCIA to the Meeting Venue


The distance from BCIA to the meeting venue is 29 kilometers.


1. By Taxi


Approximately one hour drive at a metered fare of about 150 RMB yuan.


Taxi Stands at BCIA

Terminal 1: Outside Gate 1 on F1

Terminal 2: Outside Gate 5 to 9 on F1

Terminal 3: Please refer to the signs inside the terminal building

BCIA is about 29 kilometers from the meeting venue.

BCIA Website: http://en.bcia.com.cn/


2. By Airport Shuttle plus Taxi


Passengers may take Airport Shuttle Line 13 to Wangfujing Street (The fare is 24 RMB yuan per person) and then take a taxi to the meeting venue (about 1.5 km).


Airport Shuttle Ticket Office

Terminal 1: Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1

Terminal 2: Gate No.11 (outside) on F1

Terminal 3: Gate No.7 or No.9 (outside) on F1


Operating Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm. Airport shuttles depart every 60 minutes or earlier when a shuttle bus is fully loaded.


Airport shuttle website: http://en.bcia.com.cn/traffic/airbus/index.shtml


3. By Airport Express and Subway


(1) Passengers may take the Airport Express at Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. It takes passengers to Dongzhimen Station in 35 minutes.


Fare for a single trip: 25 RMB yuan


(2) Transfer to the urban subway


· At Dongzhimen Station, transfer to Subway Line 2.

· Line 2 to Jianguomen Station in 8 minutes.

· Transfer to Subway Line 1.

· Line 1 to Wangfujing Station in 5 minutes.

· Leave the subway station from Exit C1 or C2.


Fare for a single trip: 3 RMB yuan


(3) Walk 105 meters to Beijing Hotel and 400 meters to Grand Beijing Hotel from the subway exit.


Operating Hours of the Airport Express

Terminal 2: 6:35am --11:10pm

Terminal 3: 6:20am--10:50pm

Dongzhimen Station: 6:00am--10:30pm

Interval: 10 minutes


For further information about the Airport Express and the Beijing Subway, please visit http://www.ebeijing.gov.cn/feature_2/BeijingSubway/default.htm