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For Delegates

·Time difference

China Standard Time (CST) is 8 hours ahead of GMT.



China has a voltage of 220 Volts (50 Hz). Plug/socket types: See below.

You may need to bring a plug adaptor.




The renminbi (RMB) is the official currency in the mainland of the People's Republic of China. The base unit of the renminbi is the yuan (CNY). One yuan is divided into 10 jiao, and one jiao is divided into 10 fen. The largest denomination of the renminbi is the 100-yuan note. The smallest is the 1-fen coin or note. One interesting thing to note is that all denominations are available as banknotes, though the fen notes are now rather insignificant.




 ·Credit cards & Cash withdrawal

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted in most department stores and hotels. You can also withdraw RMB using your credit card at an ATM, usually available 24 hours.


·Exchange service

Airports, banks and most hotels have a foreign exchange service. The exchange rate is linked to the official "BOC (Bank of China) Exchange Rate". Remember to keep all your receipts of currency exchange. By presenting them at a bank or the airport, you can change any remaining RMB back into foreign currency before your departure from China.

Please check the current exchange rate via the Bank of China website at http://www.boc.cn/sourcedb/whpj/enindex2.htm


·Telephone code

China's country code is 86 and Beijing's area code is 10.

For international calls to Beijing dial: 86+10+local number

For international calls to Beijing cell phone dial: 86+local number

For international calls from Beijing dial: 00+ country code+ area code + local number


·Emergency numbers

110 for emergencies requesting police assistance

120 for ambulance services



Delegates are kindly requested to wear their badges for access to the meeting areas.

You are advised not to leave your suitcases or bags out of sight. Kindly be aware of pickpockets, especially in public transport zones.


·Medical treatment

Delegates will be provided with free basic medical service, first aid and transfer services for emergency cases by medical clinics at the meeting venues during meeting hours, and at designated hotels around the clock.



Beijing is in the sunny season in late May to early June. The lowest temperature is about 13-23℃ and highest temperature is about 24-34℃.



Under the local regulations of the Beijing Municipal Government, smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor public places, workplaces and public transport as of 1 June 2015. People who smoke in smoke-free areas will be fined up to 200 RMB yuan.



Free Wi-Fi access will be available in the meeting areas during the event.